Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Big Guy's Father Son Weekend

Hubs and Big Guy recently went on their annual Father/Son weekend.      I am so blessed to have a husband which makes it a priority to take our boys away one weekend a year to spend with our boys.    It is a time for them to bond and a time for hubs to share with them about the important issues that they will face.  

One of the things that hubs challenges the boys to do in the weekend is to budget.    It is something that he strives to do every day, but it is something that is part of their weekend.   He sets a spending limit for their weekend and then they squeeze as much fun out of the weekend as possible.      

When Groupon had a weekend offer for a cabin at Jellystone Park they snatched that right up.     Look at the view from their front porch.    

They both love to fish so they woke up early the first morning there to do just that.    Big Guy caught quite a few big ones.    They cleaned and cooked up these fish for supper along with hush puppies and other yummies.     As you can see, Little Guy is not the only chef in our family!

They also enjoyed a little putt putt, frisbee golf, playing games and just sitting on the front porch talking.

Both my hubs and Big Guy came back so relaxed and talking about the fun they had that Little Guy can't wait for his Father Son weekend.

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The Japanese Redneck said...

Those are nice bass! We luv bass fishing.