Monday, May 16, 2011

My Hometown is Flooding

My hometown of Vicksburg, MS is flooding. The last time that the city saw water like this was in 1927. These flood waters have now exceeded the levels of the 1927 Great Flood.      I am not living in Vicksburg anymore, but I have been watching the waters rise through photos that my friends have been posting on Facebook.       The building above is probably one of the most photographed buildings you will see.   

The corp of engineers and city workers are doing everything they can to minimize the damage, but it is called the Mighty Mississippi for a reason.     |

I wish I could find it, but a friend of mine posted a picture of Al Roker doing his weather forecast standing waist deep in the middle of the flood waters.   He was right in front of a flooded business down on the river front.    We all talked for hours that he must get paid a bundle to do that because none of us would have stood in those waters.    We know what is in that water:  alligators, snakes, electrical lines, and all types of nasty stuff!      Makes us shiver just to think about it!

Pray for all the people who are being affected by the flooding.    


Allison said...

I cannot even begin to imagine. Despite the love/hate relationship I have with MY hometown, it would break my heart to see it under this kind of devastation.

The Japanese Redneck said...

It's really sad for all these folks.

Marian Love Phillips said...

Deanna - I did not know that you were from Vicksburg! I was born and raised here and never left home. It is heart breaking to see our town go under water like this. I have been posting pix on my blog and saw Al Roker on TV. He was broadcasting at one time near Diamond Jack's Casino. He sure was brave to get in that water. Not me anymore. Been there done that and was young and naive at the time. Walked in up to my neck near the bridges! It was not my time to go for sure. Good pix on your blog of the flooding and I feel for the ones having to suffer. Thankfully, we are high and dry now. Have been in a flood once with 3 feet of water in our house and FEMA bought it and tore it down. A creek was behind the subdivision and would overflow if we got a lot of rain. Glad to be out from under it. Take care!

Katherine said...

This is so sad. It feels like everything is happening so fast with the floods and all of the tornadoes. I will be praying!

Gail Wallace said...

That’s quite tragic. Even if you don’t live in your hometown anymore, it’s still heartbreaking to see a place submerged in water, knowing that a lot of lives will be affected by it. I hope your families and friends were able to recover and rebuild after this horrendous flooding.

Gail Wallace @ Emergency Flood Masters