Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Take me Out to The Ball Game

Saturday morning was a gorgeous day for baseball.   We were excited to go to Little Guy's game after so many rain outs.    Both sets of grandparents have driven over at different times to watch him play only to have his game cancelled because of rain.   What a disappointment!   

Hubs had to fly out of town unexpectedly to attend a funeral so Little Guy was super excited when he found out that his Uncle Tay, Aunt Krisa, and twin cousins, LK and MM were coming to watch him.   

The two cutest fans ever watching to cheer their cousin!!    If Little Guy wasn't on the field they were asking where he was.  

Baseball is a very slow game for a two year old when you are only there to watch one person.   ha!

When Little Guy wasn't on the field they kept themselves enteretained by exploring my purse.   I am not sure why, but my purse always seems to be a source of intrique and entertainment.     Maybe because I hide fun stuff in there.   It is my right as their aunt.   Ha!

Of course, at this game they had even more fun because Little Guy's best friend was there and she played baseball with them.     So sweet.     It won't be long and we will be going to see these two cuties at their own softball, soccer or gymnastic events.


The Japanese Redneck said...

They are very cute fans!

Erin said...

So sweet!

HEATHER said...

Oh they are so cute!!