Monday, May 2, 2011

State 4H Shooting Competition

After months and months and hours and hours of practice, Big Guy and Little Guy competed in the State 4H Shooting Competition last Saturday.     We were up before the chickens to get ready so we could make the drive down to the FBI shooting range by 7:30.     Our van was loaded with guns, ammo, bow and arrows, picnic basket, chairs, sunscreen, sunglasses and a cooler full of drinks. 

After checking in our weapons and getting range passes, the day of competition began.    You have to realize that there are nearly 500 youth competing in a multitude of events all at the same time.    Air rifle, air pistol, muzzleloader, skeet shooting, .22 rifle, archery, pistol shooting... some shooting 5 meter, some 10 meter, etc....    It is unbelievable.  

Each student can only participate in a maximum of three events.   Both our boys participated in three events each.

At the end of the day when the results were announced, our boys did awesome.    Little Guy placed first in two of his events and second in one of his events.    Big Guy placed first in one of his events.     A lot of people stopped to congratulate them on not only placing, but getting first place in their first competition.    

I only have a pic of Little Guy to show you.   We tried to take a pic of Big Guy, but he said, "Maybe later."   That is OK.    We are proud of them both.

All those hours of practicing really paid off!    We are SO proud of all your hard work, guys.


The Japanese Redneck said...

Congrats to both of them!

Good job and the hard work was worth their efforts.

Allison said...

Way to GO!! That is awesome - especially considering how many participants there were! I know you are a proud mama!