Friday, September 2, 2011

Discovering The Perfect Ice Cream... Graeter's

Hubs' cousin told us that we could not leave town without trying Graeter's ice cream.     She lives in California and pays to have this ice cream shipped out to her.    She said it was that good.    

She talked about it so much that we decided that we had to try it.   

***cue angels singing***    She was not kidding.   This is seriously the best ice cream any of us have ever eaten.    I like ice cream, but it is not something that I love.    If we had a Grater's in town I am afraid I would become an ice cream addict.    

Our cousin told us that her favorite flavor was raspberry chocolate chip.    

I know what you are thinking when I say chocolate chip.   You are thinking those wimpy little chips like you bake into cookies.   Not in this ice cream.     They drizzle hot melted chocolate into the frozen ice cream while it is churning and it forms literal chocolate chunks and bars in the ice cream.     This is gooooood chocolate too.   

Big Guy got chocolate chip.    He was speechless while eating it. 

Now we know.   Now we understand.    We have already checked the Graeter's website to find where we can find Graeter's here in Mississippi.      I don't know what flavors they will have, but I will take them!


HEATHER said...

Deanna, their Peach ice cream is heavenly. Also at Christmas time they have a banana chocolate chip-amazing!
Strawberry is also amazing.
The ones we had in Lexington closed because they lost their franchise, but Graeter's has promised to re-open company owned stores in the very near future. Can't come soon enough for me! ;-)

The Japanese Redneck said...

Shipping ice cream. Cool.