Monday, June 16, 2014

A Virus Nightmare

When your children are toddlers and they get quiet you really worry they haven't gotten into mischief.  Now that my boys are teenagers and they get quiet I go to check on them to make sure they haven't been sucked into a book or computer game.   That was why I went to check on my Little Guy. He had just been too quiet.   I had not seen him in quite a while so I went to see what he was doing.  I knocked on his door and when I opened it I saw him sitting in his chair.   He was wrapped in two blankets and his face was so red.  

"Little Guy, are you ok?"

"I am just cold, Mom."

I put my hand on his forehead.  Fever.  A high fever.  And I could feel his body shaking with chills.  I also noticed he has a bright red rash across his shoulders.    We tucked him in bed with plans to take him to the doctor first thing in the morning.

Morning came and I was awakened by a hand saying, "You need to see Little Guy."  I sat up to see Little Guy walking towards me.   He was covered in a rash.   All over his face, neck, hands, and feet.   I knew that it had to be hand, foot and mouth.   I called the doctor and we got it confirmed. 

If your child has ever had this you know how miserable this is.  I was prepared for  miserable.   I wasn't prepared for a nightmare.   The pediatrician told us that teens did not normally get this.  

For three days he broke out in not more spots, but blisters.  He looked like he had walked on fire.   He kept his feet in ice water because he said he felt like they were on fire.   His fingers were so swollen he could not even bend them.   The inside of his mouth and down his throat had so many blisters all he could do was drink Gatorade.   

It was one of those times as a Mom that I hate.  Feeling helpless.  There is so little you can do.  Treat the symptoms and do anything you think will make him feel better, but the end he just had to wait until the virus was gone.   

Today is 11 days since he first got sick.  His hands and feet still look bad.   It will probably take several weeks for them to clear up completely, but I am so thankful that this nightmare virus is behind us.  

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