Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy 17th Birthday, Big Guy!

Happy Birthday, my sweet Big Guy!  This year's birthday has hit me like a ton of bricks.  Seventeen seems so "old".  So grown up.   I guess it is the combination of your age and the fact you are about to be a senior in high school.   It has just so overwhelming to see you standing in front of me.  

I remember when you were just a few days old I was staring at you and I remember talking to God.  Praying over your future.   Looking at your tiny little hands and feet and your beautiful little eyes.  I couldn't imagine getting to age seventeen.    But here it is, just like everyone says, too fast. 

You are so tall.  Almost six foot tall.  You walk up and give me these great big hugs and I love putting my head on your shoulder.   

You have an incredibly intuitive mind.   You have built your own computer from the ground up over the past year.   You saved all your own money and then researched and bought each piece to custom make a computer.    If I need help with my computer, I know you can help me.   Your Aunt Shera was thrilled when you came to her rescue to repair hers as well.  

It has been fun watching you drive and enjoy your new car.   I am proud of how responsible you have been with your driving and how well you take care of your vehicle also.

You are really in your element when you are with your friends.   Camping, hanging out, going to movies, or whatever... I love seeing you have a good time spending time with them.

I am proud of you, sweet guy.  Proud of the man you are.   Proud of the man you are becoming.  I love you so much.   You have always been my sunshine and you always will be.  

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