Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day (a little late!)

I am late getting my Father's Day post on the computer.  Sundays are crazy and I rarely turn on the computer on those days. 

However I wanted to take a chance to wish the two best dads in the world Happy Father's Day!

Shera, Daddy, Krisa and me

My Daddy was the only guy in a house full of girls.   I guess that is why God gave him such a great sense of humor.  He knew he would need it to handle all of us.   I know that Daddy makes me laugh like no one else.   One of my favorite things to do is sit and read the comics from the newspaper with him.    My Dad is also incredibly smart.   I mean genius smart.   He has a photographic memory.   He loves to learn and has always challenged us to learn.    He gives the bests hugs ever.   When Daddy gives you a hug you feel like nothing in the world could ever hurt you.   It is the safest place to be.  
I love him beyond words.

Speaking of amazing dads....  My husband is an incredible dad.   He is every girl's dream of what they want for her children.   He is selfless, sacrificial, loving, caring, and a complete model of Christ.    I love seeing them playing games in the living room, throwing football in the back yard, around the dinner table talking, praying during nightly family prayer time, and the countless other things they do together.   I don't think my boys realize what a gift they have in my sweet husband, but I know one day they will.   

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