Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Days Like This Remind Me

Sipping my coffee watching the sweet family of deer nibble their morning feast.

All the windows are open to let in the crisp refreshing air that we are experiencing today.

The smell of freshly cooked sausage and biscuits are wafting through the house hopefully tempting my breakfast hesitant boys to eat.

It is quiet. 

We have no outside appointments on our agenda today.  

Church is tonight, but that is such a natural part of our life that it is not considered a check on our list, but as natural as breathing. 

We will study, talk, laugh, read, have lunch together, study some more and enjoy the day with no interruptions.   If we decide at some point to hop in the car to go to the library to research or get ice cream, we can.  With no guilt or worry.

Days like today are why I love the beauty of homeschooling.  

Thank you, Lord, for giving me days like today in the midst of our busy schedule to remind me of why I love this so much.

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