Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Senior Lock-In

Schools were out for a fall holiday this past Monday so Big Guy and his senior friends thought it would be a great time to do something fun.   They planned a Lock-In and convinced our awesome worship pastor to let them stay overnight at their house.   They all promised to come to the three hour Christmas rehearsal if he would let them so I think it turned out to be a good trade off.  *smile*

All crashed in the living room watching movies.

Waffle House

A great group of Senior friends!

When everyone else left church for the evening the kids played "capture the flag" and "sardines" in the church.   So much fun.  I know my youth group had the best time playing "sardines" in our church and it was tiny compared to our church.  

They all piled up in their cars and went to the late showing of "Mazerunner".  When that let out they were hungry so they went to one of the only places open after midnight... Waffle House.   From what I heard they put away a TON of food!

After that they went over to the pastor's house to crash in their living room where they would talk and laugh all night.    Another great senior memory made for sure!

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