Friday, July 1, 2016

Answers to Prayer

I worry if I don't start listing all the ways God has provided for us and answered prayers during this journey, I will forget something.  So this is the first installment in "Answered Prayer"...

*  The doctors tell us finding the tumor so soon is rare.  We believe this was God's hand!

*  Our surgeon, Dr. Jordan, has been a gift to us.   He has been on top of Donald's case.  Researching.  Giving us his personal phone number.  Getting us test results within hours instead of days.  Calling/texting/emailing us almost every day. 

*  Todd was working a summer internship in Chattanooga.  He had a slow down in his work load so he decided to come home to visit two days before we found out the news.   Such a God thing to be able to tell him face to face instead of over the phone.

* Logging into a medical website to pay a bill and finding a $1,450 bill suddenly at $0.

* The surgeon told us that Donald would have redness and swelling for about three months after his surgery.   It is two weeks after the surgery and you cannot even tell he had surgery.  No swelling.  No redness.  Only those of us who know where the incision was made can tell he had surgery. 

*  Peace... constant, abiding, overwhelming, perfect peace. 

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Erin Hern said...

You got this because God's got this. Continue to post updates. Or else I'll have to stalk you and your sister...