Friday, May 22, 2009

Faith and Pop Culture

In Review: The Bible says very clearly that we are to be "not of this world". However every day we make decisions and are surrounded by the world.

This eight week study explores movies, books, television, sports, violence, "R" ratings, and entertainment for Christians. I found it very fascinating that the one area that was left largely unexplored in this book was music.

One of the positives about this book is the fact that it is written in a format that will work for both a small group as well as for a large Sunday School class setting. There are two options for a group leader to choose from in leading the discussion depending on the size of the group.

I would recommend this book for a college group or even a new Christian type Sunday School class as the information never wades into very deep waters spiritually. While it opens the door for discussion, it does not necessarily do a very good job at wrapping up with good solid answers. Considering how murky and muddy the waters of entertainment are in today's culture, I would have hoped for something a little more substantial out of a study guide such as this.

Another great resource to use with this book is the Small Group Exchange. Check it out!

Book Description: An eight-week study based on articles written by today's leading Christian authors and published by Christianity Today magazines; this remarkable study fosters deep, authentic, and relevant discussion that will challenge and grow any small group. Faith and Pop Culture takes on a variety of topics, including how God can speak to us through the arts, and how Christians should discern between entertainment that is meaningful and that which is destructive.

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Shelby said...

This is a question that I'm struggling with. I'm trying to use the general guideline that, if Jesus were to come back, and come to wherever I am at whatever I'm doing, would I be ashamed? It's really hard, though, because we are still IN the world....

Glad that there's sort of an "intro" to this topic here but I agree that I'd love to see something fairly in-depth.