Wednesday, May 6, 2009

WFW: Applause

I love being a Mom.    My boys have given me insight into my God in new ways.   

*  I love my boys in a way that I have never loved anyone before.   Their cries literally make my heart ache.
*   When my boys laugh, I love laughing with them.
*   When my boys cry, I want to see them comforted.
*   If I see my boys needing something, I want to make sure that they are provided for.
*   When someone hurts their feelings I want to wipe their tears and make everything better.

Doesn't God want to do all those things and MORE for us?    When I compare how much more God has done and has promised for us it humbles me so much.    After all,  the same God whose hands were nailed to the cross are willing to hold mine while I walk through this life.

Like my Heavenly Father, I intend to stand by my boy's sides and love them unconditionally, following His example.


Dr. Wifey said...

you are such an awesome mommy :)

Susan said...

Great verse and thoughts to go with it!

I sure love my boys as well.

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Amydeanne said...

oh what a great post! my 2nd proverbs in a row! maybe it's a sign i need to read it! lol

Laurie Ann said...

I love it! Great thoughts on being a Mom. I feel the same way as a bonus mom. Although I didn't give birth to her I love her something fierce, and the Grands...oh, be still my heart! Happy WFW to you.

Cathy said...

A lovely post ~

Denise said...

I loved this WFW.

crittyjoy said...

lovely verse and great photo! Beautiful thoughts on being a Mom.

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Shelby said...

Beautiful, Deanna!

Carrie said...

GREAT pic! Where were you guys?? Did you get to go on the ship??