Saturday, May 16, 2009

Higher Hope

In Review:    Hubs and I have been hooked on Robert Whitlow books for a LONG time.    Whitlow has a John Grisham type writing style which makes Hubs' very happy.    Despite the fact that I have never met a Grisham book I liked (don't shoot me), I LOVE Whitlow's books.  

"Higher Hope" is a court drama about Tami who is a law clerk.     Tami is also a Christian.    A Christian in the law profession?   Isn't that an oxymoron?!?    Anyway, Tami is very dedicated to her relationship with God and isn't willing to compromise.   However, she finds that her faith will be challenged and potentially either grounded or shaken when a high profile case involving a preacher who is thought to have unusual and even supect ways in reaching people.     

In Tami's personal life, she has two men pursuing her.     She takes both of these men home to meet her family and you get a lot of insight into why she is the way she is during these visits.    

Despite the fact there are two parallel story lines going on, it is very easy to read and you will find it very difficult to put down because just when you thought you had it all figured out, you will realize that you were WRONG!

To see all of Robert Whitlow's AMAZING books, visit his website.

Book Description: The Tides of Truth series follows one lawyer’s passionate pursuit of truth--in matters of life and the law.

Competition is tough at the Savannah law firm where Tami Taylor serves as a law clerk. But Tami’s work sets her apart--and the firm’s partners see something special in her. So they assign her to a libel case against an abrasive, outspoken preacher who is either a prophet or a lunatic.

On the surface it appears to be an open and shut case; the preacher seems fully outside the bounds of law. And Tami’s strict religious upbringing could be the firm’s ace-in-the-hole. But as the investigation continues, Tami is troubled by the preacher’s uncanny prophetic abilities. And their client seems to be hiding something.

Tami returns to her hometown, struggling with several critical choices--as two very different men from the firm vie for her heart. Just when the challenges seem insurmountable, hope for Tami arrives from a surprising place. And it’s a higher hope than she’s ever imagined.


Melissa B. said...

Always love your book reviews. Thanks so much for the rec! And please stop by for Sx3 today...we've got quite a Fish Tale goin' on!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

This book sounds good. My mother in law is a Whitlow fan. The funny side note, her maiden name is Whitlow and she had the chance to meet Robert Whitlow once. They discussed that they are probably long lon lost cousins. ha ha. The then signed her book. Since then she hosted her book club, they chose one of his books. He had the books shipped and signed for the group. Sounds like a pretty good fellow, to me.
I guess I need to read this book.

From the Doghouse said...

So, hubby liked it too, huh? May have to check it out.