Monday, February 22, 2010

Cake Boss is Safe

Back in January I told you that I wasn't making New Year's resolutions, but I wanted to challenge myself to learn a few new things this year.     One of the things on my list to learn has been to decorate cakes.     I always thought it would be fun to just learn some basics.      

Little Guy and I ran through Michaels a few weeks ago and there was a Wilton demonstrator there and they were having a special on their classes which allowed you to sign up for 50% off plus they gave you a coupon for an additional $5 off.     We decided that we would jump in and take Course 1.

We have a few classes left.      We have really enjoyed taking this class, but trust me when I say that the Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes are very safe with their business!   Ha!

Little Guy took this picture of his first cake.     He decided to put his initial on it as well as stars, clouds, meteors, the moon and a planet.

Here is my first cake.    I went with basics to try to practice some of the techniques she was teaching us in class.    Boring, but finished.


We decided to challenge ourselves a little.     When it was our turn to take snacks for Little Guy's basketball game we made sugar cookies and decorated them to look like basketballs.      We had so much fun doing this!   (Sorry this is such a bad pic.   I took it with my cell phone.)


Dr. Wifey said...

lookin' good! you know if you need a taste tester i am available. just sayin' :)

Crystal said...

You two did a good job on your first cakes! Those cookies look great too. I love that you and Little Guy do stuff like this together, so sweet!

Deanna said...

Wife, We didn't even bake cakes for tonight's class. We decorated on our practice board because we ate our cakes last week. DON'T need to do that again. But we'll be glad to make you something.

Thanks, Crystal! That is a big compliment from you because you are a REAL cake decorator.

Allison said...

Cute!!! Love the cookies! Yum!

Katherine said...

Those cakes look GOOD! yum