Monday, February 1, 2010

The Girls Are Back

And boy did we miss them!     How could you not miss these precious faces?


I don't know how excited my sister was, but we were thrilled that it was time for her to start teaching her class at the college again.    We were missing our weekly time with the sweet girls.      Both boys had bought things with their own money for the girls to play with while at our house.   They bought a little set of blocks they thought the girls would think was fun.    We pulled out spoons and bowls and showed the girls how to stir the blocks like soup.    The boys would build the blocks up into towers.    LK would knock it over, but MM would carefully remove each block one at a time.


MM loved this snowman painting in the window.    She would point to all the pieces and ask us to name, "nose, eyes, hands, buttons".   She kept giving it kisses.

LK is our girly girl.    She found my necklace on the luggage table and immediately said, "ooooh".    I let her wear it and she was grinning so big.   She kept picking it up to look at it.   


Oooh, these sweeties.    We could just eat them with a spoon!


HEATHER said...

They are so cute, I just want to bite them! ;-)

Taylor & Krisa said...

I know they must have been excited to be back because they sure did adapt quickly this morning! The boys are so sweet to spend their money on the girls. What sweet cousins they have!

PS - I can get over how blue MM's eyes are in that second pic!

i'm black betty said...

what beautiful eyes they have! simply precious. :)

Dr. Wifey said...

they are adorable and have the most amazing eyes!