Thursday, February 18, 2010

Looking for Color In My Button Jar

Yesterday was Random Acts of Kindness day.    I had challenged the boys to find ways to perform some random acts of kindness.     As for me, I knew what I was going to do.    I was going to clean off our kitchen table.    It was in terrible shape.    Somehow it had become the dumping ground for everything over the past couple of weeks and I knew that it was driving hubs crazy.      After cleaning it off I started looking for something to put on the table to "decorate" it.  

I found this table runner and a couple of hurricanes and put it on the table.
Hmmm....  It needs some candles.
It kept standing there thinking that it still needed color.    I walked around the house wondering what I could do to add some color.     I guess I have a touch of spring fever.     I walked through my bedroom and spotted this...
My button jar!    Have I ever mentioned that I have a button jar?     Sounds crazy since I don't sew, but I just can't seem to throw away all those extra buttons that come with outfits.      It is amazing the amount of buttons that I have managed to collect in the last 25 years.      Anyway, I grabbed my button jar and decided that they would add just the color that I needed.
That button jar has inspired me and I have a few other ideas, but for now I am happy to have this splash of color on my kitchen table AND my hubs was really happy to come home to a table that was clean again.


Susan B said...

Deanna, just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. It always has a gem in it that seems just for me.. You are doing a great job with those boys..

Taylor & Krisa said...

you are so creative!

Shelby said...

Hey, you have my same table and chairs though mine are somewhat the worse for wear after nearly 21 years of pretty heavy use. Wanna come make it look as pretty as yours does? Because your table was pretty before the buttons but they were like the perfect finishing touch.

Dr. Wifey said...

cute! i always keep my buttons too, but mine are scattered everywhere. i think i'll go buy a jar just for buttons :)