Friday, November 12, 2010

Ahhh.. Weekend

If the weekend were a person, I would hug its neck!    This has been the LONGEST week.      I have had doctor's appointments and tests scheduled every day this week except Monday.     Hubs and Big Guy took a class that had them gone every night until last night.      I had to teach an art class Monday for co-op.     Crazy!  Crazy!  Crazy!

Of course, in the middle of such a crazy week were God hugs that made it wonderful.   
  • With Hubs and Big Guy gone to a class for three nights that meant that Little Guy and I had special time together.     One night we went and got caramel apple cider and watched a video together.    One night we went to the bookstore and browsed and then went to get sushi.     The third night was church night, but he and I still got a little time in before leaving.
  • Wednesday night was choir practice which is always a highlight of the week for me.      Our choir practices are very worship filled times.    As terrified as I was to join our choir and still get jitters when it is time to walk out on the platform on Sunday morning, I LOVE choir practice.   
  • Yesterday my cousin (who is more like my brother) came over for the afternoon.     He and I played hours of RACKO in the hospital when his dad was sick.    It was quick, simple and didn't require a lot of thought.      Now the boys play and they have been challenging Randy to a RACKO "smackdown."  We played RACKO and SEQUENCE for several hours and loved every minute of it.      Definitely a highlight of the week.      

Now it is the weekend.    The boys are out at the park running while I am updating my blog quickly before starting supper.   

Tomorrow night is the BIG GAME.   Mississippi State vs. Alabama.   

 Hubs is a State fan and I am an Alabama fan.     Before leaving, hubs jokingly asked Big Guy if he was going to referee tomorrow night during the State vs. Alabama game.   

His answer:   "No way!   I am going to be hiding!"      

We take our football seriously.    Serious fun.

Have a great weekend whatever your plans are!

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Erin said...

HAHA! Should be an interesting night at your house! I side with Hubs! Hopefully it will be a good game!