Friday, November 12, 2010

City On Our Knees

When we step across the line we can sail across the sea

Amazing, beautiful things happen when people have the courage to live, work, and pray in the spirit of unity and peace. Often, though, to make these amazing things happen, we have to step out of our comfort zone and into a world we find uncomfortable or intimidating. Sometimes that world is physical; other times it can be emotional, relational, or spiritual.

City on Our Knees shows this, encouraging you to take the first step. It offers stories of people who have stepped across lines. Lines of discrimination, persecution, doubt, prejudice, pride, bitterness, self-isolation, and despair. I pray and hope that you will be inspired to see how just one person, or one small group, can be a mechanism for change.

God can use us right here. Right now. All we need is faith that He has our best in mind. And believe me—He does.


 Book Review

After listening to TobyMac's music for so long, I was curious to read what the man behind the music had to say.     The photo above doesn't quite do justice to how visually stunning this book really is.   My boys both grabbed it up when it arrived because they loved the look of the book.     I hope that same reaction will prompt people to grab it off the shelves because it is what is inside the book that is truly stunning.    

TobyMac's heart and passion for Christ literally pours off every page.     Whether you are reading the chapters, which highlight ordinary people who have allowed themselves to be used in ordinary ways, or the pages in between, which are covered with TobyMac's favorite Scriptures and quotes, you feel your heart absorbing the passion.

My own boys have enjoyed reading this book.   I remember when I was little reading the Bible and thinking that the men and women who were used by God lived so long ago.    Through TobyMac's book I am able to show the boys great Christian examples who are living TODAY!    

Some of the examples are familiar.  Michael Oher from The Blind Side is one that most will immediately recognize.   However, some of the best chapters highlights the life stories of people who just followed God's leading and never really intended for anyone to know about it.

The passion you hear in TobyMac's music definitely comes through on the pages of this book!     If you have a TobyMac fan in your life, they will love you for buying them this book.

This book was provided to me for free by Bethany House Publishing in exchange for a honest review.

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