Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Big Guy!

 14 Amazing Things About You...
  1. You are 14 years old.   I have had 14 incredible years of being your Mom.    That simple fact is amazing to me!!
  2. You are taller than me.   5 foot 8 inches to be exact.    The perfect size for me to put my head on your shoulder when you give me one of your amazing hugs.
  3. We bought your summer sandals and they are a size 12.   That is just one size smaller than Dad's.
  4. This fall you will be starting high school.    I can't even think about that without crying yet.    Every time I say "high school" I turn into a weepy mess.
  5. You have transferred your toddler love of Lego's to a computer game called Minecraft.    You amaze me with your ability to craft and create things.
  6. There is nothing like hearing you laugh and talk with your friends on xBox Live.    You guys aren't half as interested in what you are playing as you are in just laughing and talking together.    
  7. Speaking of friends... I love the Christian friends you have chosen.   Stephen, Miles, Cade, Blane, Joey, Carter... quality friendships.  
  8. I love that you have so many interests:  reading, military history, video games, music, church, archery, shooting sports, running, volunteering, art, skateboarding, movies, technology, and so much more!
  9. You have a heart of compassion.    Your compassion shows whether it is something minor like our sweet cat has hurt her leg or it is something big like your friend fighting his battle with cancer.   
  10. You have the best sense of humor.   You can make me laugh until my sides hurt.
  11. You have a gift for technology.   Grown men come to you at church for help with the media and technology.    I love that you volunteer your time to be a part of that ministry.
  12. You are a wonderful example for your little brother.    He looks up to you and listens to you.    I love you for being the kind of brother that he can emulate. 
  13. You don't choose to be a leader, but your friends look to you to be that because they trust your judgement.    God is going to use that quality in you, sweet boy.
  14.  Most of all, we are so proud of you because of your heart.    Each day we see you grow in wisdom and stature and as a reflection of Christ.     "There is no greater joy than to know that you are walking in truth."  3 John 1:4

Happy Birthday, Big Guy!
You are such a precious gift and 
we love you more and more every day!
Mom and Dad


Allison said...

Now I'M weepy. Hope he has a great birthday!

The Japanese Redneck said...

Happy late b'day BG! Hope it was a great one.