Friday, June 10, 2011

National Iced Tea Month

Who knew that June was National Iced Tea Month?   I ran across this little tidbit on one of our homeschool "fun facts" calendars.    Of course, being southern I silently balk a little because everyone knows that it really should say National Iced SWEET Tea Month.   After all, iced tea isn't tea at all unless it is sweet!  

Iced tea was first served at the 1904 World's Fair.    They tried to serve hot tea, but it was summer and it was too hot.   Nobody wanted to drink that stuff.     That guy didn't want to lose his money so he cooled it down by pouring it over ice.    People went crazy and bought him out.    Iced tea was invented.   

Not too long ago my friend Tyanne posted this video by Anita Renfroe.   It is a song about iced tea.    She hits the nail on the head!    Happy National Iced SWEET Tea Month, ya'll!!

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