Sunday, May 25, 2014

Another First

Tonight was another first they never mention in any of those baby books or parenting books.   It was a cook out for my son and all his friends who are upcoming seniors.  His first "senior" event.   I know this will snowball into a lot of other events.  Graduation pictures.  Parties.  Trips.  College visiting.  Scholarship applications.  On one hand I am so excited for him and on the other, my heart just twinges at how fast I am afraid this year will go by for us.  

I had a mom tell me that the teenage years are so tough that you are ready for them to leave when they reach graduation.   I have been incredibly blessed because, although we have certainly had our challenges during the teen years, there is no part of me that is anxious to see him walk out that door.   My heart knows that God called me to invest into his life over the past 18 years so that he would be ready to step out into the world, but does that mean I am excited about letting him go?  No.  My heart twinges at the thought of it.    However, I am praying that God will make me ready for this next season of my life too.   I still have a few years before my youngest son graduates which means I am going to have to try hard not to cling to him.  To let him grow and spread his wings as well.  

Somebody needs to write a book on the letting go years.  They are almost as tough as the toddler years, but just in different ways.   

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Happy Graduation, Stephen!

We spent the weekend with our best friends in Atlanta celebrating their son's graduation from high school.   When they moved in next door our boys were three.   We became friends and our boys became inseparable.   They played army men in the sand box.   Ran around in the sprinklers.  Went to the library story times.  Went to school.  Learned to ride bikes.  Played games.  All together. 

How is it possible enough time has passed that one of them is ready to graduate and next year my son will graduate?  I cried tears watching him walk on that stage and my friend cried tears just talking about my son walking on stage next year.  

The toughest part of parenting is letting go.