Saturday, May 30, 2015

You Just Graduated High School What Do You Do?

Have an amazing Father/Son weekend in New Orleans!   When husband and son planned their trip to New Oleans to see a concert I don't think either of them really thought about the fact that it was going to land the weekend after graduation.   After a crazy couple of weeks getting ready for graduation weekend plus an overwhelming work schedule for my husband, they both needed this time away.  

I took this picture right before they got in the car to leave.   I didn't tell them, but I had a hard time containing my tears until they drove out the driveway.   The first time they took a Father/Son trip was when Big Guy was in the first grade.  They have gone every year since then.   Now that he has graduated and he is about to go to college I wonder if this will be one of their last?

My husband and son share a love for music.   All kinds of music.   They found out RUSH was going to be doing their 40th anniversary concert tour and decided they wanted to see them.   

New Orleans is not their favorite place, but they decided that a city famous for music would have to have great music stores.   They had printed out a list of stores they wanted to find and that is what they did Saturday.   They explored vinyl record stores.   One store was mostly the private collection of thousands of records that they were trying to sell.   They had so much fun exploring those records.

Of course, you can't go to New Orleans without eating good food.  They chose to eat at Cochon.   Everything at Cochon is about matching flavors.  So each entree and side is paired specifically to bring out the height of flavor.  Todd could not rave enough about what he ordered.   He said it was so good. 

On the way home they stopped off at Middendorfs to eat.   Everyone we know loves it, but none of us have ever been.  They gave it a try and said they enjoyed it.  

They both arrived relaxed and with big smiles on their faces.   Father/Son Weekend 2015 was a big success!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The End of a Chapter

Sunday after church Big Guy walked out of his bedroom and his arm was empty.   It took my breath away.  I literally gasped and started crying.   All the wrist bands that you see in the picture above?  They were gone from his arm.   This may not seem like a big deal, but he has been wearing some of them for six years.  You read that right.   Six years.   His youth pastor started handing out these wrist bands as part of their youth ministry.   Each one had a different meaning.    Each one represented a different discipleship weekend or mission trip or something special to him.  For some reason, Big Guy made a decision that he wanted to wear them until he graduated high school.   There have been different times that I have asked him to take them off, but he has hidden them under shirts saying, "I really want to keep them until graduation."

Sunday was that day.  After senior recognition at church, graduation was officially over for him so he took them off.  The end of high school.  The end of youth ministry.  The end of that chapter of his life.   

Time for a new beginning.   

Big Guy's Graduation

On Saturday our family and friends joined us at First Baptist Jackson for the graduation of our oldest son.   Even typing it I can't believe it.   I watched him walk across that stage and accept that diploma and it just didn't seem real.  

My sister-in-law came prepared with plenty of tissues, but it was so unreal I didn't cry.   Maybe I was just in denial.   Maybe I just don't want it to be real. 

However, the proof is here in the pictures.  Pictures that I wouldn't even have if it weren't for my sweet S.   She took all the pictures from graduation for me.   Thank heavens for her!

Here is Big Guy walking in with his 43 classmates from our homeschool co-op...

My sweet husband standing in the wings.  He could see our son standing on the other side of the stage as his name was being announced.   He said that he was so immensely proud and happy at that moment.  The look is written all over his face, isn't it?

As they are announcing his name....

It was such a special memory for my husband to be able to give our son his diploma...

Introducing the class of 2015....

Our honors graduate...

Deciding to homeschool was a big deal for all of us.   When we first started I had serious fears that I could get us to this point.  To graduation.   I don't think I did.  I know I didn't.  I know that God got us here.  I know that the intelligence and determination and gifts that God instilled in Todd is what got us to this point.   I am so proud of the man that he is today and so very excited to see where He leads him next.