Thursday, August 7, 2014

Getting Ready for School

I ordered the boys' school i.d.'s today.   I cried.  I have been doing that a lot.   It is Todd's senior year.  I am starting to think that we need a book similar to the baby book.  The baby book let us record all of the boys' firsts.  I need one that let me record all of these lasts.    It feels like there are so many.   Like today... ordering his last homeschool i.d.  

Mission Belize 2014

 My guys took a mission trip to Belize this summer.  It was something they planned, prayed, worked and saved for for almost a year.    They left out early (think 3:00am) to fly down.  Once they arrived they climbed on buses to drive to their destination.   They made one stop along the way to eat at a little restaurant named Slim Jims.   The boys said their first meal in Belize in was amazing!

 Once they arrived at Orange Walk they immediately jumped into action.   Kids showed up from everywhere wanting to play soccer. 

Each morning e-teams went out to pray with people in the villages and invite children to afternoon VBS.
 Those who weren't walking through the villages were back at the church doing very hard work.   The guys moved gravel and dug trenches.  They also dug holes for new septic tanks which the church was hoping to install.  Sewer systems are something we definitely take for granted here in the United States.

 This parakeet was a pet of one of the ladies that Little Guy visited while on e-team.

 Most of the meals were eaten at the pastor's house.  The guys talked about how awesome it was.   Big Guy brought home a bottle of the hot sauce which was eaten at every meal.  It was eaten on everything.   The guys said the empanadas, the fry jack, spaghetti, you name it they said it was yummy!

 The guys said out of all the pictures they took there was just no picture that could appropriately show just how crazy hot it was in Belize!