Sunday, July 31, 2011


Our worship choir took the summer off.  We decided that we would have a big get together before our first choir rehearsal next Wednesday night.   We had a luau last Saturday night out at Reunion Beach.   It was SO hot, but so much fun.   

You can't have a luau without a lot of delicious food.    We had plenty!

The kids stayed cool playing on the beach while the adults were talking.

After eating, we all gathered around to sing.    It is our favorite thing to do.   Several times this summer we have all gathered together in the choir room just to sing hymns.    We just love being together so much.   We are a very close knit group.     The guys with the guitars are our worship minister and his son.     LOVE them!  (Even if they are LSU fans.)

Speaking of being a close knit group.   Below is a picture of our sweet choir president.   His name is Walter.  This past week he went to the doctor and they discovered that he has pancreatic cancer.   He has surgery on Tuesday morning.     We had prayer with him yesterday and again this morning at church.     We plan to pray at the church all day Tuesday while he is having surgery.   Would love for you to be praying with us.   We believe in the power of prayer.   We serve a GREAT, BIG GOD!

We love you, Walter!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Caveman Homeschooling

Summer is just flying.   I can't believe that it will be time to start school in just a few weeks.     Yesterday I went out to grab some school supplies that are on special this week.   I try to stock up on all the essentials so that I don't have to worry about it for another year.     It absolutely kills me to have to buy a pack of notebook paper for $3.00 when they had it for .25 at the back to school sale.

Anyway, I was grabbing the special items at a store yesterday when this lady walked up and said, "You are buying school supplies?   I didn't think you would need those since your boys are homeschooled."

I don't know what my face was saying, but since I am not good at hiding my emotions or my thoughts it may have very well have said what I was thinking in my mind which was, "Oh no!   The boys just ran out of fresh squeezed berries so I needed to stock up on some pens.   They are such slackers."   (I promise I didn't say that out loud, but I thought it.   Not nice, but it was the first thing that popped in my head.)   

People have the weirdest ideas about homeschooling.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Addicted to Sweet Tree

We are addicted to Sweet Tree Yogurt.     Since Big Guy had such severe stomach problems last summer, we had given up ice cream.    Sweet Tree provides frozen probiotic yogurt that Big Guy can enjoy and doesn't bother his stomach.   Big Guy eats, but his stomach doesn't hurt.   AWESOME!

We each have our favorite flavors.     My favorites are the sorbets -- watermelon, pink lemonade, island mango.    Big Guy loves the double chocolate and cookies 'n cream.    Little Guy loves the cheesecake and vanilla bean.     Hubs loves to try anything and everything.    I am telling you that we would go there every day if we could!

Have you tried Sweet Tree yet?    What are your favorite flavors??