Friday, January 11, 2008


My boys and I have something in common when it comes to bad weather! We all want Daddy!

Yesterday the guys were home because of sickness when the bad weather and tornado threats rolled through our neighborhood. Their ways of dealing with stress is as different as their personalities. Big guy sat in the closet cracking jokes and pretending the vacuum hose made him sound like Darth Vadar to distract him while little guy sat perfectly still clasping his favorite stuffed animal, "Soft Tailed Baby", in one hand and me with his other. My husband called to check on us after they evacuated his office downstairs for safety. After we hung up the phone, little guy opened his eyes for the first time and said hopefully, "Is Daddy coming home?" I explained how we didn't want him to drive in bad weather. He looked at me unconvinced and said, "It is just safer when Daddy is here."

I completely understand how he feels. I felt the same way about my Daddy when I was little.. and I still do. I was a scaredy cat kid, but as long as my Daddy was close by I never felt scared. Would my Mom move the same mountains that Dad would? Sure. Just like I would for my boys, but there is something that is different that is different about a Daddy's protection.
I think there is a very specific reason for that. It is modeling. This sense of safety and security that I received from my Daddy is what allowed me to develop such a sense of safety and security in my Heavenly Father. It is what allowed me to sit in a closet with my two guys praying yesterday, winds howling, rains pouring, hail falling, and say with complete faith that our "Daddy" was with us and keeping us safe.

Because of my husband, I also know that this same modeling is what will allow our boys to grow up and know their Heavenly Father in the same way.

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