Saturday, January 5, 2008

I "Q", Do You?

Shopping at QVC is a habit I developed quite by accident. "Q" has become the newest letter in the television rating system at our house. Most everyone is familiar with "G", "PG", "PG13", and "R"(which stands for R U Kidding?)

We added "Q" (as in "turn to QVC until that is off") the day Tanner (then 5 years old) walked into the kitchen and asked me what erectile dysfunction meant. He was watching a daytime Disney show -- why do they need e.d. commercials during that hour? Of course, last night we were watching football and pigs were selling condoms and I didn't understand that either (no I am not kidding).

So our rule is this: Watch your parent approved television show, but when the commercials come on, flip over to QVC.

With all this flipping, we have seen some really cool stuff. Our boys now both have cool video chairs. I bought my husband a great power washer. I even bought a present for a sweet little girl who has a birthday in January.

I'm not your typical QVC shopper, but according to their latest commercial I am in pretty good company.

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