Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Starting The New Year's with Friends

What better way to start a New Year than surrounded by the laughter and fun of friends? That is exactly how our boys wanted to spend the first day of this year. They invited friends over to play and have fun.

Donald and I have had a blast watching them have fun. Most of Tanner's fun has come from devising pranks to play on his big brother. That Germany mischievousness is really coming out today. I hear lots of whispering and covert words being exchanged in their planning. It doesn't help that Donald let them get whoopie cushions while they were in Memphis. Be careful where you sit at our house because the boys (all three!) think they are hysterical.

Todd and Andrew are spending the day together which means they are having a blast. I am glad that they are such good friends. They talk for hours on their cell phones. I am so glad Shera and I got them the free mobile to mobile service.

Happy New Year, guys! I hope it continues the way it started... filled with friends.

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