Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Too Bad... So Sad...

When I was growing up the phrase I hated to hear the most was "Because I said so!" Even when I was little I thought, "That is not a reason!" When I was the ripe old age of seven I made a promise to myself. I am NEVER going to tell my children that that silly phrase.

So far to this day I have kept that promise to myself. Of course, Todd is ten and Tanner is six which means that they have not hit the teenage years. From what I am observing in friends who already have teens, those years may test my resolve with this phrase.

I have found myself using my own phrase which I created when Todd was about three. I cannot stand whining. If he asked a question and I answered it and he would start whining about it I would say, "Too bad. So sad. Go call your Dad."

I found found myself saying this phrase more and more for more situations. I am wondering if this has become my modern day replacement for "Because I say so!" If so... "Too bad. So sad. Go call your Dad!"

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