Friday, April 17, 2009

Blue Bird, Blue Bird

(If you "voted" in yesterday's post about our family debate...   Well, you guys would fit into our family quite well!   You all did the same thing we did.    Half of our family said the 17th and half of them said the 24th.    We could NEVER agree on which was right.     My opinion was that this Friday and next Friday are the same thing to me.    Friday after next would be the 24th.         In the end, my family decided that if we were going to show up somewhere....we had to use DATES!)

Big Guy and I got in the car yesterday morning to take him to school.    Immediately we heard a strange sound.   Big Guy saw him first -- a blue bird -- trapped in the back of our car.     We both hopped out of the car and realized that he had gotten in the car during the night through the 1 1/2 inch crack I had left in my window during the night.    We opened all the doors and it didn't take but a minute for the bird to find his freedom.     It took us even less time than that to discover the "presents" the bird had left behind for us:  on the seats, the doors, the headrests, the floors.     This poor bird was in some serious distress and had just eaten a BIG meal for the amount of "presents" he left behind.    

We were already running behind so we cleaned off our seats and took Big Guy to school.      On the way home, I called hubs to tell him what happened.     Talk about distress.   I could hear it in his voice.   He wanted that car cleaned and right then.     This is my husband that takes pride in our cars.    Washes and cleans them every Saturday morning.    Gets up every morning during the pollen season to wash them off and makes sure they are clean before we drive them.     Just the thought of it being in that condition got to him.    I forgot that he had manager's training all day.     If I had remembered I never would have called him because now he would be thinking about that dirty car.

I had a full day of appointments and no time to do a cleaning, but as soon as hubs got home he went straight out to scrub that car clean.    I love that man.      And I will never look at a blue bird quite the same!


Dr. Wifey said...

talk about a crappy day LOL (sorry, had to do it) my hubby would have been distraught as well.

Carrie said...

Please send hubby over to clean my Beetle...

My Dad was like your hubby and as a result, I am lazy and think someone else is going to clean it for me. haha