Thursday, April 9, 2009

Journey To The Cross - Thursday

This day coincides with Thursday April 9, 2009 Crucifixion Thursday - Feast of Unleavened Bread, 15th of Nisan - Matthew 26:47-27:28, Mark 14:53-15:47

In the next few hours Jesus will undergo six trials all of them will be a mockery of justice. Jesus will come out of His third trial just in time to hear the disciple Peter deny a third time to being a follower of Jesus. A rooster will crow marking the dawn to the sunrise of a new day. This is the day in which Jesus of Nazareth, the true and living Son of God, will be despised, rejected of man and crucified on a wooden cross. This day will be the seventh day of our journey back and the third feast day, the "Feast of Unleavened Bread" - the feast of the removal of sin/leaven. Jesus will be despised, rejected and beaten all of this because of the love that God has for His own creation and of an ultimate desire to reunite the people that are rejecting Him back to Himself.

The horrific beating Isaiah 52:13-53:12 that King Jesus will endure for us will be a savage fit of rage, the rage of mankind and a fit of Satanic rage all wrapped into one. No person has ever been so savagely beaten as Jesus was that day. It is the kind of abuse that all evil has against all innocence.

Peter will have gone out and wept bitterly for his part in denying Jesus. Peter will not look to himself but will again look to God and experience the total love and forgiveness that God Has for mankind. Judas, who also betrayed God, will not look to God, but instead Judas will look to himself and will find no hope but only despair and in despair Judas will go out and commit suicide.

Jesus is now led to a hill and crucified. It is the same hill that the Jewish forefather Abraham brought his son Isaac to 4,000 years earlier Genesis 22:1-19, to enact out a loving father offering his only beloved son, a parallel to the crucifixion of Jesus. Jesus is offered wine mixed with bitter gall to drink but Jesus rejects the bitter wine because He has promised that the next wine He drinks will be with us in Heaven and it will be a sweet cup of Heavenly rejoicing not the bitter cup of this world.

Jesus' first words on the cross Luke 23:34 will be "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." Forgiveness. Even as He is rejected, Jesus forgives. We stand amazed as the two thieves being crucified along with Jesus, mock Him. Then one of the thieves turns and says "we are getting our just rewards; but Jesus is innocent". Then one of the thieves says a most remarkable thing. He says "Jesus remember me when you enter into your kingdom" Luke 23:42. We look on in dismay. "Enter the Kingdom of Jesus?"

True, Jesus declared Himself to be a King only a few days ago and a King has to have a kingdom, but Jesus is dying on a cross - No! Not death! The thief is right. Jesus is entering into His kingdom, one where there is no more curse of the flesh. Where sin does not reign. In fact sin is not even present in the Kingdom of Jesus.

That's it - only the Spiritual Kingdom of God is good enough for Jesus. He died to the sin and human flesh of this world so that we can be united with Him in His glory, in His Holy Spiritual Kingdom.

Jesus will remain alive on the cross for six hours, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. At noon, the sky will grow dark Amos 8:9, Matthew 27:45. Jesus will cry out from the cross "My God, my God why hast thou forsaken Me?" Psalm 22:1-31, Matthew 27:46. At 3:00, Jesus will give a victory cry and proclaim "It is finished" John 19:30. We marvel that the prophecy given to Eve in Genesis 3:15 is now fulfilled as Jesus, the Son of God, has His own heal bruised for us while supporting His weight on the cross. It was also on the same cross of victory on a hill called Golgotha (Skull) John 19:17 that Jesus has crushed the head (skull) Genesis 3:15 of the deceiving serpent Satan.

Jesus will then commend His Spirit to His Father, He will then permit His Spirit to leave His body Luke 23:46. It is now near the evening of the third feast day, the "Feast of Unleavened Bread." This feast according to Leviticus chapter 23, is a Sabbath - Rest feast and in order to properly keep this feast the followers need to be at home before sundown and are unable to engage in any work. The legs of the two thieves on the other two crosses are broken to hasten their deaths and to proceed with their burials before sundown.

Jesus' lifeless body is taken down from the cross and placed into a new nearby tomb, which is really a cavern carved out of solid rock and has been provided by Joseph of Armethia. Jesus will be laid in the new tomb. His body, including His face, will be wrapped with fresh linen cloth and soaked with 75 lbs. of anointing oils John 19:39. Those taking part in the burial of Jesus will quickly depart to get home before the Sabbath curfew of sundown.

That evening we will return with the disciples back to the upper room where the Lord's Passover feast was held the night before. The door will be shut and locked as everyone will cower in the dark and in silence for fear that Romans will knock down the door to seize more of the disciples and drag them off to be horribly crucified. It is the first night without the presence of Jesus. It is a dark and bitter night.

We sit down to consider the events. The third feast - we wonder what are the odds that everything of major importance would happen on a Feast Day? We know the odds are the same as those that brought life into existence and the same as those that could write the pages of the Bible before the events actually happened. We know that no odds could do this because there are no odds. There is no chance involved. It is the predetermined plan of God. Not chance, but a plan! It is a plan being carried out carefully and deliberately before the eyes of mankind.

We ponder the feasts, first was "Sabbath" the required rest and Jesus presenting Himself as our King. Next was the "Lord's Passover", the Covenant feast of escaping death and entering into life with Jesus in heaven in the presence of the Father. Now it is the "Feast of Unleavened Bread" the third feast of the eight feasts prescribed by God to Moses in Leviticus chapter 23. That's it! Jesus often referred to leaven as "sin." "Beware of the leaven of the Scribes and Pharisees" Jesus would say and this Feast is to remove the leaven, that is to remove the sin that infects mankind. Jesus' shed blood and His death on the cross are a complete removal of our sin. It is complete because death is the end result of sin therefore in Jesus' death all of our sins died. The death of sin occurs on the cross. Later in the Resurrection of Jesus, we will receive of His eternal Resurrection Life. Sin has to be removed. We cannot have fellowship with the Holy God in the New Covenant until the Sin is removed. Jesus on this day became the penalty for the sins of the world reconciling those who choose to be reconciled with God in the New Covenant.

Jesus reached out to us - all the way and without compromise. He didn't compromise as He took on the appearance of a human and entered into our physical realm so that He could interact with us on our level. He entered into our physical level because we are separated from the Holy God on His Spiritual level. We are separated from Him by our sins and it is impossible for God to bring us and the sin that accompanies us into His direct presence, so God in Jesus, came to us in our existence.

In reaching out to us Jesus didn't compromise. He reached out with both arms open and fully extended all the way, even to the cross. Mankind in return didn't compromise as mankind rejected God. Mankind then reaching back with a hammer, nailed both of His open and extended arms onto a wooden cross.

Today it is still our opportunity and our turn to reach out and touch Jesus even though we do not see Him as He is in the Spirit realm like we see one another in the physical realm. We can still come to that place of no compromise and touch Jesus in that no compromising place called faith.

Hebrews 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.


From the Doghouse said...

I've got a CD that tells what all he went through that day. It's chilling.

Shelby said...

Deanna, I am moved beyond words at your telling of His journey -- particularly this day.

Thank you.

Allison said...

I'm covered in goosebumps reading this. I appreciate all of the posts this week, so much.

Supermom said...

His journey was not an easy one.
But a blessed one for us indeed.