Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In The Footsteps of Paul

In The Footsteps of Paul
by Paul Duncan

Paul is literally the most hardheaded person in the Bible. God had to hit him over the head to get his attention. But the results were life changing and his actions changed the world. Reading about Paul's life in the Bible is wonderful, but seeing his life through the photos of Paul Duncan breathes life into the Scriptures. You can taste the dust, feel the water and feel your heart pounding. Despite the years that separate us from Paul's life, a lot about the scenery has not changed which allows your mind's eye to literally step into the page and imagine Paul wandering those paths, fields and valleys.

Duncan also wrote Where Jesus Walked, Walking with God in America and Experiencing the Presence of God. I definitely intend to read Where Jesus Walked during this next week of Easter. I can't imagine how overwhelming meaningful it will be after this experience with Paul's life.

Book Description: Follow a trailblazer’s path and see for yourself all the places that Paul visited . . .

Paul’s missionary journeys are much more than mere dotted lines on rough maps at the back of your Bible. His travels changed the world, and when you, too, follow In the Footsteps of Paul, you’ll experience those amazing journeys more powerfully than ever. The lens of renowned photographer Ken Duncan traces everywhere Paul is known to have traveled. Ken’s stunning photos, combined with Scripture and writings from noted authors, creates an exciting platform for experiencing the life and times of one of the apostles who introduced Jesus to the Roman world and beyond.


mayberry said...

This looks very interesting. I think I might have to read this one.

Dr. Wifey said...

cool. may read this