Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another Man's Treasure

We have talked for months about having a garage sale. Every time we have started to plan a weekend we have had some sort of conflict with either work, church, or RAIN.

I just needed a push. Something to motivate me.


Our middle school pastor came and told me that we will be having our first Disciple NOW weekend in January. SO awesome. We are going to be a host home. More than likely we will have a house full of boys since Little Guys has already requested that we not host girls because they are "Icky!".

Next came the BEST motivator of all. My BFF called from Atlanta and had the gall to ask how I felt about her and the kids coming for a week in December. How do I feel about it?     This kind of sums it up...

My BFF could care less what my house looks like.     When she lived next door to me we saw each other's house in every imaginable state.     We would just push the pile of clothes to the middle of the couch and sit and talk over the top.    ha!

But, with the holidays coming up and this being pretty much the last possible weekend to have a garage sale, I had received my motivation.

I started with the boys' rooms yesterday and you literally can't see my dining room now.     Games, toys, books, shoes, educational materials....   oh my heavens.  

We still have to go through my closet, the hobby shop and the attic.    It almost scares me to think about how much stuff there is in there.

So... if you are wanting to do a little garage shopping THIS SATURDAY let me know.    I'll email you my information!


K Storm said...

I've been cleaning out a few things but have to find a home for them before Friday...they are in the dining room and we have a family dinner in there!!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Um... I'd check it out but I think it's a bit of a drive ;)

Wyatt Earp said...

Good luck with the sale!