Monday, November 16, 2009

Painting Little Turkeys

Handprint art is just one of my favorite things.     Now that my twin nieces are here I have an excuse to do it again plus I want my sweet baby sister to have the mementos of her sweet girls and how fast they are growing.    

This is LK and MM's first Thanksgiving so of course they needed to do the traditional handprint turkeys.     So last Thursday while they were here I asked Big Guy to grab the camera and take pics while I put the girls into their seats.

LK was really curious why they were being put in their seats when it wasn't time for breakfast.

MM jumped right into the project and picked the paint she wanted to use when I offered her a choice.    Yes... I definitely gave her a choice.     Even though they are only 11 months old it is important to give them choices when you can.      I offered her the choice:   light brown or dark brown.     This is the one she liked!

Just like their personalities, the girls reacted so differently to having paint put on their hands.     LK watched intently and sat very still.

MM squished and rubbed her hands together to see what it felt like.

If you had asked me before hand, I would have thought it was going to be the exact opposite.     However, when we were through we had such cute little handprints.       I didn't check the camera until after the girls were gone so I didn't realize that we didn't get a picture of the completed projects.     Oh, well,  not important!

The girls had fun.     Even cleaning up was fun for them....

And if I get to spend special time with them and laugh and giggle with my sweet nieces.... that is all that matters to me!


Dr. Wifey said...

they are just the cutest little things! the hand-painting looks so fun

Taylor & Krisa said...

Their first craft project! So cute! Great memories with DitDee! I have the finished pics and I was going to take pictures but just haven't been home long enough yet. They have so much fun at your house!

HEATHER said...

You are awesome!! I would have never thought to do this.

Patti Lacy said...

Oh, this takes me WAY back, and I thoroughly enjoyed every messy moment.
Deanna, one day you will get to use all these photos as:
1. Blackmail
2. Shower and wedding table conversation starters
3. Repellent to get rid of bad boy/girlfriends.

Thank you for rolling back the sands of time!!

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