Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Little Elvis Fan

It is still a mystery to us where Little Guy picked up his obsession with Elvis.      I do know that several years ago he brought all his money to me and asked, "Is this enough to buy an Elvis CD?"     He had heard one of his songs and he really liked it and wanted more.      We found a collection of his greatest hits and he listened to that CD every night at bedtime for weeks.   

If he saw an Elvis book in the bookstore he will pick it up and look through it.     If he hears an Elvis song, he will point it out.      But he has been asking for quite a while to visit Graceland.

*sigh*    Neither hubs or I are big Elvis fans.    We both remember when Elvis died in 1977.   I was at my friend's house down the road.      We were standing in the kitchen and her Mom heard the news and she became hysterical.    I don't mean upset.    I mean hysterical.    She turned and told my friend and she became hysterical.     They turned and told me and I remember thinking, "Who in the world is Elvis?"     When I did not become hysterical they promptly told me I had to go home because there had been a death in the family.   

Anyway, we decided that we would suck it up and take Little Guy on the big tour during this little visit to Memphis.       He was soooo excited.      The rest of us.... not so much.     We even tried to "buy" him out of the tour by offering the tour money not to go, but he wouldn't have any part of it.

As you can see by the pictures below.... he was "all shook up"!  (I know.   It was bad, but I wouldn't resist!)

In front of the "Lisa Marie".   Look at that "Elvis" smirk on his face.   He cracks me up.

I even convinced Big Guy to take a few pics....

The official drink of Graceland is Coca-Cola.     Hmmmm.... you know I am a Pepsi girl.

My favorite picture from the day...


Hot Tub Lizzy said...


Essie is a HUGE Elvis fan and I don't know where it came from. I remember the night Elvis died because I had been at a Bill and Gloria Gaither concert and came home with my mom and her friend to her friends' house to find her teenage girls sobbing.

I got Essie a 3 back of Elvis pez dispensers for her birthday. She's gonna LOVE it.

SOmeday I'll take her to Graceland... and she'll love me forever.

Those are some great pictures you got!!!

Dr. Wifey said...

great pics! that is so funny that Little Guy likes Elvis so much. Happy Thanksgiving, my sweet friend :)

K Storm said...

Sissy love Elvis know we went to Graceland back in the spring and she wants to go back...funny these kids love him so much!

HEATHER said...

Tell little guy that he can come live with us, where it's ALL ELVIS, ALL THE TIME! You know my son's middle name is Presley(true).
You should look for the Elvis gospel Cd's. They are wonderful!!!

Patti Lacy said...

What a doll! I never did know much about Elvis until we visited Graceland on a missions trip.
Wow! People STILL send him flowers and gifts....