Thursday, May 6, 2010

Big Dog

On Monday evening, we were standing in the kitchen cooking supper.     Just talking and comparing what we had done during our day.     All of a sudden we heard a huge THUMP.     Big Guy yelled, "Kit Kat!" (our cat's name)  in a voice full of panic.      We ran outside to see our neighbor's boxer with our cat in his jaws just mauling it.     As hubs ran, the dog flung our cat and ran.     So did our cat... straight up a tree.    We could hear her crying and it was a cry of pain.     Hubs got the ladder but before he could reach her she fell out of part of the tree.     She was really hurt so the boys loaded up and took her to the vet.   The vet said our sweet cat had broken ribs, she has a four inch gash in her side, her claws were ripped out and her paws were ripped up.     The vet gave her a shot for shock and antibiotics.     She said time would tell.     Kit Kat disappeared and we were sure that she had gone off to die, but she showed back up yesterday.     Weak and dehydrated, but still here.

While the boys were gone I waited for animal control.      We hated to call, but this makes multiple times that this dog has gotten out.    Because the owners were not home, we just felt like we could not let this dog wander around with so many children playing in the neighborhood.

Pets are such a touchy issue.   Have you ever had to deal with a situation like this?   


Dr. Wifey said...

aw, i am so sorry to hear about kit kat. my heart just breaks for her (i am a huge animal lover!). hope she recovers quickly :(

Allison said...

Awww! Poor Kit Kat! I think you ABSOLUTELY did the right thing.

Katherine said...

I hope your sweet cat recovers quickly!! We have had several problems in our neighborhood like this. =(

K Storm said...

I had to call animal control on one of our neighbor's dogs that wouldn't stay in the fence and tore holes in it. One of their dogs was known to have bitten a child and killed a small dog that stuck his head under the fence. I wasn't going to take that chance with my children. Sissy had the end of her finger bitten off by the dogs behind us when she was 2 and I am very sensitive about dogs that have shown aggression. I made a hard decision about own my poor Eli when he wouldn't stay in our fence and became unpredictable...I wish everyone else would take it seriously too.

Patti Lacy said...

Sigh. Yes. There is such a fine line between trying to honor your neighbor and protect your "peeps," which include pets!

Hope your baby continues to recover.