Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Great Guys Weekend

After the past few crazy weeks, my sweet guys not only needed but deserved a vacation.    My hubs admitted to me that he was not completely comfortable with leaving me alone.     However, I promised him that I was only a phone call away from my sisters and I really wanted him and the boys to have fun.

I was so happy to get their phone calls and hear their voices tell me of the fun they were having at the lake house.    I really loved seeing these pictures that they brought back.     What a great weekend for my amazing guys!

The pretty lake house they stayed in for the weekend

A weekend for the Germany guys isn't complete without games of chess.

Just some healthy competition

 Diving off the pier and swimming in the lake

Hanging with the uncles

And relaxing.

Just what the doctor ordered!


Shelby said...

All righty, looks like they had a great time -- specially love the relaxing photo at the end. And that house is gorgeous!

I think we need an equivalent girls' vacay!! I'm not a Germany woman or a Warnock woman but I'd love to play! :-)

Your whole family is so awesome.

Deanna said...

That would be fun, wouldn't it? I claim you no matter what your last name is. Donald said that house was just perfect for a relaxing weekend. There was a deck down by the lake where a lot of the family just sat reading books. Sounds perfect to me!