Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Graduation, Jonna

The first time I saw my baby niece she was in her Daddy's arms walking towards us in what seemed like an infinitely long hospital hallway.    We kept asking if it was a girl or boy and he kept grinning this goofy grin and saying nothing.     I finally screamed, "Tell us!!"    My mother gave me "the look".  

We got one little glimpse before they carried her off to the nursery for all of necessary weight checks, shots, and other normal newborn things.      When they opened the blinds so we could see her, we got our first glimpse into this little bundle's personality.    While all the other babies in the nursery were bundled up tightly in their blankets.    Our sweet girl had wiggled out of her blanket and was doing push ups!    I am not kidding you.    I would give anything to have a video camera to show you.    I truly believe that video would be viral today if it were on YouTube.      She was barely an hour old and she was pushing up on her hands and feet and doing push ups.    

She very firmly was saying, "I can do it!"  

And she has for the past 18 years of her life.      Anything she has tried from academics to pageants to singing to church to mission work to band to dance team to trying out for Mississippi State color guard....   she has had the "I can do it!" attitude.

I can't believe my beautiful niece is graduating from high school tonight.    To say I am proud of her is an understatement.      She is a beautiful young woman on the inside as well as the outside.    

She embodies Philippians 4:13....

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!"

We love you so much, Jonna!

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