Wednesday, May 19, 2010


When my guys were at our nephew's graduation at Clemson, I received an email from our best friends in Atlanta asking if they could kidnap Big Guy on their way back home.     Big Guy and their son, Sharkbait, have been best friends since they were toddlers.     It is a rare occasion that they can spend a week together without siblings, but last week it worked out that Sharkbait's little sister would not be home.     On Saturday, they all drove over to bring Big Guy back home.   

These are our best friends and we have shared a lot.     Laughter.   Tears.   Dinners.  Traveling.   Vacations.   Love of books.  Game nights.   Shopping.   Dirty houses.    Clean houses.    Pregnancies.    Deaths.      You get the picture.    

We have always said that they are pretty much family, but I believe this weekend sealed the deal.    On Sunday, Little Guy woke up not feeling well.     He just said he felt yuck.    He slept most of the day and didn't want to do anything.     He felt better Monday and was up and playing.     That night we told the big boys we would take them to the movie to see "Robin Hood" while my friend and I went to see another movie.    About 30 minutes after the movie started, Big Guy texted me and told me he didn't feel well.     Before the night was over both Big Guy and Sharkbait were SICK.     It was terrible.    

My friend and I were praying that she and SarahStar wouldn't get it too.    Both boys woke up this morning weak, but feeling better.    As bad as I hated it they had to pack up and head back home.      We will get to see them when we go to Atlanta in July.   

All I know is that our friends are more than friends.    They are extended family.  


Anonymous said...
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Shelby said...

Sorry about the sicknesses. Boy, I sure hope that everybody stays well for a while!

You're so blessed to have such friends ... but that's largely because YOU are such a blessing.

Love you!

i'm black betty said...

i couldn't agree more. friends are gifts from God.