Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trail of Honor

I was so excited about including the "Trail of Honor" on our list of field trips for the year.     It is literally a living history museum that includes demonstrations of every American war from the French Indian War all the way through the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.    It includes every war in between.     This is a huge event and was named one of the Top 20 events by the Southern Tourism Industry.

It is staffed by nearly 300 living historians.    The boys loved talking to and asking questions to these men and women who have served and lived history.     One of these men was our friend, Robert Filbert, who just returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan.     He told the boys not just about the weapons that our military used, but also the weapons the enemy military used as well.    One of the guns used in battle could only be fired six times by a man.      The human body could only endure the force of that weapon six times.    Beyond that it would do you bodily harm.    Incredible, isn't it?     In our book, Robert and the other men and women like him are true heroes

How thrilling is it to be encouraged to test out the military equipment?   For boys?   VERY.

 Camp Shelby has a great military museum.    Have you been?   
This was the representative from that museum and he let the boys pose
with their favorite gun.

Just one of the tanks on site...

 Big Guy was explaining to Little Guy and his friend the types
of guns that were on display and one of the soldiers heard him.
He walked over and said, "You seem to know your guns."
He started quizzing him on all the military equipment that
was surrounding them and Big Guy got everything correct.
The soldier told him how impressed he was with him.
(I guess he isn't hating me for that research project on
military weapons I made him do now, is he? Ha!  Ha!)

The boys loved this event and definitely want to go back next year.


Carrie said...

Pretty sure my "big" boy would enjoy this about as much as your boys did!! " )

HEATHER said...

Wow that sounds really interesting! The boys look like they had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Whereever there are guns, I'm all in....LOL.