Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Do You Kindle?

My boys gave me a Kindle for Christmas.     As you know, I review books and quite a few books were beginning to be offered in ebook form for the Kindle.   

I will admit that I was kind of skeptical about my Kindle.   I love my books.    Yes, they are piled everywhere in my house.     I started to take photos to show you, but I was afraid you would have an intervention.    There is a stack as tall as my piano standing next to my piano.    It is the latest in interior decorating, didn't you know?    I have a stack on my nightstand that I just received from my publisher.    I went and counted and there are twelve books sitting there.     Beside my dresser I have three stacks of books:  one stack I have read and want to keep, one stack I need to take to the shelter, and one stack I will take to my Dad or give to my friend in Atlanta.    So, as I said, I love my books.   

However, I have discovered some things about my Kindle that I love too!

I can walk on my exercise machine and read very easily with my Kindle.    With a regular book I was trying to hold it open.   My Kindle just sits flat and all I have to do to turn a page is hit a button.    I can even change the typeface to be a little larger if I want to make it easier to read.

If I am sitting in a waiting room I love having my Kindle.    Those waiting room magazines creep me out.    No telling how many people have touched them.   Ew!    Makes me want to wash my hands just thinking about it.

Speaking of waiting.     In between baseball practice, choir practice, art classes, shooting sports and all the other things the boys are involved in there is a lot of time that a mom has to wait.     If I find myself sitting on the sidelines I have more time to just sit and read.

A great thing about the Kindle are all the FREE books you can download.    Here are a few of my favorites that are currently available...

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne
(This book was on Big Guy's reading list for this year.   So many of the classics are free for download on Kindle which makes it such a bargain.     We have been able to use my Kindle for our homeschooling too!)

Even if you don't have a Kindle you can get these books too.   Kindle has an app for your PC which means you can download these books to your computer.    

What about you?   Do you have a Kindle?    What is the best book you have read on your Kindle?


The Japanese Redneck said...

I'm on the fence about them. Mainly cause I don't think the things I like to read are going to be free.

westtxmom said...

My husband got me a Kindle for Christmas and I love it! I have always loved to read but as the kids got older I found myself not even picking up a book anymore. Since Christmas I have read eleven books! I have enjoyed reading again.

My favorite books I have read so far are The Potluck Club series by Linda Evans Shepherd and the Sister-to-Sister series by Virginia Smith. Highly recommend these books! The Potluck Club books have recipes in them and I know you will enjoy that aspect too! These Christian fiction books are a fun read. Hope you will try them!

Allison said...

I love love love my Kindle. I just love having instant access to the books without having to wait on an order from Amazon or a day that I have time to go to Jackson to a major book store. Our library is extremely limited as well.

I've read some great books on mine - have probably read more in the past 2 1/2 months than I have in years. I think the ones I enjoy the most have been the ones I've bought for Mini-me! We're in the Narnia series right now and I think I'm enjoying those more than anything I've bought so far.

Thanks for posting these suggestions! I'll definitely check them out!

I love that you can read samples of books before you buy them. I love that I can sync it to my phone! I was able to read some Narnia to Reagan at the doctor's office last week. It's fantastic!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Another blog post that is near and dear to my heart, Deanna!

I got my Kindle for my birthday last fall and I absolutely love it! I really don't even want to read "real" books any more. I have probably a dozen or more that I have on my bookshelves, that are now collecting dust. I just really prefer the Kindle, for the ease on my eyes, how easy it is to hold, how easy it is to transport, and the list goes on and on.

I am an absolutely TROLL when it comes to free books! LOL! I have several listings in my Google Reader for when there are new free and discounted books. I have all the ones you listed (except for the Scarlet Letter, I can't seem to drag myself back to classics with so much good Christian fiction out there).

Let's see, I really enjoyed "A Proper Pursuit" by Lynn Austin (got early last year free) and I really liked the first two "Gone to Green" books. I got them both free on Amazon and am planning on buying the final one in the set. I've also read various free books by Irene Hannon, DiAnn Mills, Brandilyn Collins, Terri Blackstock and Kathy Herman (most all mystery or suspense) and they were all good. :)

I have over 100 free books still left on my Kindle and I look every day for new free ones :) I love my Kindle, can you tell?! :)