Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time With The Sweeties

Spending a day with our sweet twin girls ranks right up there with one of our favorite things to do.    My sister had to go out of town for the day for a business meeting so we asked if we could have some of that fun time.

I was a ding dong and forgot my camera, but I took these few with my cell phone.

Dressed in princess dresses and rain boots, they wanted to take a walk.    They decided to push their babies in their shopping carts.      We stopped at every mailbox to say the numbers and at every house to point out the birdhouses, pretty flowers and other things they noticed.

You know that when you are wearing rainboots, you have to find at least one puddle.     I don't think there was any other puddles in their entire neighborhood.   Weren't we lucky that this one was at the end of their driveway?   hee hee

It was too cool and breezy to spend as much time outside as we wanted, but we found plenty to do inside.   We read books, played tea party, played Barbies and Barbie cars, and played on the computer.  

Big Guy had several ebooks on his computer which the girls loved.    They could click and build words to put inside the books.    LK wanted to do those over and over again.

She was also infatuated with his iPod.    She didn't want Big Guy to help her.    She would say, "I can do it by myself."     And she could.  

No doubt about it.    We love every second with these sweet girls.


Allison said...

They've gotten so BIG! They are adorable - love the pics of them in the princess dresses AND rain boots! That's just priceless.

Taylor & Krisa said...

Precious! They had so much fun and haven't stopped talking about it. Thanks again for watching them!