Monday, March 21, 2011

Meet Me On Monday

Every Sunday Never Growing Old posts five questions so you can get to know your fellow bloggers.   It is pretty simple.  

1. What jewelry do you wear 24/7?    Nothing.     I have tried wearing my weddings rings to sleep in, but I just can't.
2. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?  I cut it.   I have tried twirling it, but it always winds up falling off my fork.   Gives me visions of what I would look like as a ballerina!

3. How many siblings do you have?  I have two amazing sisters.   One is three years younger than me.   She is a high school math teacher because she loves math (everyone has to have a quirk!).    Because of her I have my beautiful niece, J, and artistic nephew, A.     My other sister is eleven years younger than I am.    She works for the government in national security.     My heart smiles every time I think of the two precious twin nieces that she had.    Among my greatest joys in life is to have a night out with my two sisters.    Anytime we get together, we can't decide what to do because our favorite thing to do is just be together to talk.  We don't care of we are shopping, at a coffee shop, or at a restaurant.   We just want to be able to sit, relax and talk.    When I grew up, I want to be my sisters.

Although siblings are technically children that your parents had, I have two brothers.   They are my cousins.   They lived next door to us for our entire lives.    One cousin, F, is one month younger than I am and the other cousin, R, is two months younger than my middle sister.    Growing up we would play together.   F and R loved to play cowboys and indians.   They had guns and cowboy outfits.  Guess who had to be the indians and get shot?    *smile*    As we got older and rode the bus home from school, we would spend the time talking of our dreams and future, frustrations, and everyday at school.    When F was going through law school, he would call and have me talk him down from the "ledge" as he was studying.    R adores my sweet boys and has been there for them since the minute they have been born.   He was at the hospital for both of their births.    In fact, he came and stayed with Big Guy while I went to the hospital in labor with Little Guy.   I can't count the number of times that R has been there for us.    No doubt about it.  I have two brothers.

4. Were you named after anyone?  For forever I thought I was named after a soap opera character.    However, my mom corrected one time, but I can't remember what she said.   I think it may have been a neighbor or something.

5. Coke or Pepsi?  I gave up both of those at the beginning of December.    I had a terrible addiction.     Every once in a while when I just have to have a carbonated drink I have found that I like Diet Dr. Pepper.  

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The Japanese Redneck said...

I can't sleep any any kind of jewelry either.

And I tend to scarf my spaghetti!