Sunday, April 29, 2012

Girl's Day Out

 My sisters and my nieces and I went out for the day.    Can I tell you this is one of my favorite things in life?     The first thing we decided to do was go and get manis/pedis.   I decided I would get a pedicure.    The last one I can remember getting was about 5 years ago.    It was such a treat not only to get one, but to go with the girls.

I don't think any of us were as relaxed as MM getting our nails done.   She was so chilled out I thought she was going to fall asleep sitting in the chair.

Kennedy was fascinated with having pretty nails.   She loved getting her nails done and watching all of us get ours done.

They were so proud of their nails...

When we got in the car the girls knew exactly where they wanted to go next.... the toy store!   It was so fun following them around seeing what attracted their attention.   My sister got tickled at them because they seemed to play with all the same things they have at home.     At one point I asked if they were ready to go explore some more and LK said, "My sissy isn't ready yet."   I love how much they love each other and look after each other.  

We walked around the corner to Charming Charlie's.   It is a big jewelry store that is organized by color.    They love all kinds of jewelry so I thought they would like it.   I think it all that choice was a little overwhelming.   They loved anything sparkly and shiny.    Those girls are like their Mama... they love some bling!     My favorite moment was when LK picked up an eyeglass case and said, "This is perfect for holding hot dogs."    Speaking of sunglasses, they had a great time trying on sunglasses.

Right outside Charming Charlie's are the splash fountains.    We told the girls they could play but not to get their clothes wet since we did not have any extra clothes.  Unfortunately when you get two sweet girls running around in water and getting more and more excited, one of them is going to fall down.   MM fell down and her heart was crushed.   We convinced her that it was OK and then told them to put their shoes on so we could head over to the bookstore.    May I mention that my three year old nieces can buckle their shoes by themselves?    That is AMAZING!!   I have substitute taught kindergarten and there are tons of those students who cannot do that.   

We spent the rest of our time in Barnes and Noble looking at books.   Aunt Sheba took MM into the bathroom to see if they had one of those hand dryers to get her clothes dry.    While we were waiting, LK and I browsed books.  

By this time we were all hungry and MM said that chips and sauce sounded good.   You can tell these girls are pros at Mexican restaurants.     While we were all eating our burritos and tacos, MM was eating her tortillas.   Apparently that is one of her food groups these days.    She will eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner.    This night she ate FOUR!   

We are full of Mexican and the girls decided they wanted to go back to my house to jump on the trampoline.    Man I wish I could bottle their energy!    If I had jumped on that trampoline I would have lost my supper, but they jumped and jumped and giggled until my sister they just had to go home for baths and bed.

They didn't want to leave and I didn't want them to leave.     When is our next Girl's Day Out???  I am already ready!!


Erin said...

So sweet. What a nice change from all things boys you usually get to do! I am sure fun was had by all!!!!!

The Japanese Redneck said...

what a fun filled day

Anonymous said...
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