Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Prom Dinner To Remember

Saturday night was prom night for one of our local high schools.   It is a tradition for our friends to host prom dinner in their home for the students who want to attend.   Eating a delicious dinner with all your closest friends in a beautiful setting... what could be better than that on prom night?    I worked with some of my sweet friends as waitress/waiters for this special evening.   My friends are amazing at putting together a meal like this.   They transform their home into a restaurant.   Beautiful tables are set up in the living room, sunroom, foyer and library and of course, they use their dining room.    I wish I had photos of the food, but we were too busy serving and taking care of the students to take those photos.      The big beautiful white house is where we took the kids in the limousine before supper to take prom photos.   I can't wait to get those back from the photographer.  

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The Japanese Redneck said...

A lucky bunch of kids. I know they enjoyed everything.