Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh Snow

Stop the presses!     It is snowing in Mississippi.    I know for most of the snow covered parts of the country who are completely sick of snow this is not big news.    However, for Mississippi this is exciting.    My little sister called me as soon as it started just to make sure I knew it was snowing.   Sometimes that is all we get is to see it fall.    It was so beautiful watching those big beautiful flakes falling out over the back field.   

Snow had barely accumulated on our patio furniture, our play yard and trampoline when the kids went out to enjoy it.     You have to appreciate the resourcefulness of a Mississippi kid.     They can stretch that little tiny bit of snow into fifty snowballs.    

After they were frozen solid they would come in, throw all their coats and gloves in the drier and warm up with cups of hot chocolate.     When they were sufficiently defrosted they would get dressed to go back and do it all over again.

By the time nighttime came the snow had almost quit falling and we were sitting in front of a warm and toasty fire with hot chocolate and fresh chocolate chip cookies.    

Snow is Mississippi.     Perfection.


Allison said...

There's something about watching it fall at night's just beautiful.

The JR said...

In Crystal Springs we just got rain and sleet.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

It was so pretty, wasn't it?! I was really hoping for just a *little* bit more :) We had two snows last year, one really nice one for us, so I was hoping. We have family in the Delta and they got a lot more. Still, we really enjoyed it too (from the inside, I didn't go out to play in this one, hehehe!) :)