Sunday, July 31, 2011


Our worship choir took the summer off.  We decided that we would have a big get together before our first choir rehearsal next Wednesday night.   We had a luau last Saturday night out at Reunion Beach.   It was SO hot, but so much fun.   

You can't have a luau without a lot of delicious food.    We had plenty!

The kids stayed cool playing on the beach while the adults were talking.

After eating, we all gathered around to sing.    It is our favorite thing to do.   Several times this summer we have all gathered together in the choir room just to sing hymns.    We just love being together so much.   We are a very close knit group.     The guys with the guitars are our worship minister and his son.     LOVE them!  (Even if they are LSU fans.)

Speaking of being a close knit group.   Below is a picture of our sweet choir president.   His name is Walter.  This past week he went to the doctor and they discovered that he has pancreatic cancer.   He has surgery on Tuesday morning.     We had prayer with him yesterday and again this morning at church.     We plan to pray at the church all day Tuesday while he is having surgery.   Would love for you to be praying with us.   We believe in the power of prayer.   We serve a GREAT, BIG GOD!

We love you, Walter!


Beth said...

How neat! When I was growing up and a young married, our choir would take the summer off, too. We would have a corn roast to kick off the new year and also learn what our Christmas contata would be. Fun times and great memories!

The JR said...

How fun. Our dance group had them occasionally, but not as fancy. No whole pig, etc.

Everyone just brought a dish and we danced!