Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A New Obsession

 Anytime the boys mention something new they are interested in doing we try to find a way to let them try it.   Lately Little Guy has been setting up homemade courses in the back yard and playing frisbee golf.    We have no idea where this new obsession came from, but he has just decided he loves it.   

Last Saturday hubs told the boys he wanted to go fishing and asked if they wanted to do anything else and immediately Little Guy said, "Can we go find a place to play frisbee golf?"  

Since nothing makes my husband happier than spending time with his boys, he immediately said yes.   They got into a big discussion about how they only had one frisbee, but to play frisbee golf you needed a putter, driver, and midrange frisbee.    They went out to our workshop and gathered up all the baseball equipment they were finished with and went to our local used sports store.   They traded all that equipment in and used the money they received to buy the frisbees they needed.    Smart guys.

I can't wait to go with them next time!!

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Shelby said...

Your guys know stuff I didn't know -- like that it takes that many frisbees to do frisbee golf! I love hearing about Hubs spending time with the Guys. Makes me happy! :-)