Wednesday, May 8, 2013

So Happy Together

My nephew married his dream girl this past weekend.   It was a beautiful wedding although the weather did not exactly match.   If rain can be considered a blessing, then their wedding day was VERY blessed as it rained buckets and buckets the entire day.    J and J planned an outdoor wedding and they had a tent on stand by in case of rain.   We hated they had to use it, but there was no choice.    As you can see from the photos below, they were so happy they did not care about the rain.  They only cared about their special day.

My SIL did an amazing job planning a majority of the decorations.   Everything was so gorgeous!    She is really so gracious and volunteered to help the bride's family do so much.   I hope one day they will truly appreciate all she did to lighten their load.  

The wedding was held at the Bleckley Inn in Anderson, South Carolina.   It is a beautiful venue and the staff there is amazing.  I highly recommend you staying there is you are ever in the area.   The rooms are luxurious and they have thought of everything you could ever want in a guest room.   

Congratulations, J and J!   Your wedding day was beautiful.  We hope you have a wonderful life together.   Hope you are having an amazing honeymoon in Jamaica!


The JR said...

Very pretty wedding!

Oh well, we can't know what Mother Nature is going to do can we.....

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