Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Essential OIls Rant

Essential oils are the latest fad.  My facebook and twitter feed are filled with people trying to get people to try them.    Let me say I am not against essential oils.  We have tried peppermint oil to help Little Guy's migraines.   I even add a little lavender or vanilla oil to our sheets.   However, for the most part I have ignored it until recently some people decided to make ridiculous claims.

"Essential oils will kill/cure/prevent cancer."

"Essential oils will cure/prevent chronic illness."

That was when I began to notice just how crazy this had gotten.   Let's be real.  All of these esssential oil companies are multi-level marketing companies.  For the most part, the people who sell these products know nothing about medicine.   

I have a friend who is a certified aromatherapist and ER nurse.   She says you should never ingest essential oils or apply them full strength direct to your skin.   I trust her a lot more than I do some housewife who is trying to sell me products from some multi-level marketing company.

Next time you see someone talking about these oils.   Pay attention to what you see.  They not only use and ingest these oils, they are giving them to their children.  

I recently went to a family event where one of our family members was diffusing essential oils.   A diffuser doesn't just stay in the room you are using it.  It wafts all over the house.  We all had to endure those disgusting smells for the entire time we were there.   

I am not sure who started this fad, but someone somewhere is making a lot of money.   Eventually it will fade away just like every other bandwagon that people like to jump on.   Hopefully this one will fade away sooner rather than later.


HEATHER said...

I'm with you on this one. I do enjoy using lavender oil for home fragrance and it does help to get the dog to calm down if she starts obsessively licking, but I don't see them curing cancer.

Anonymous said...

I once tried to use orange essential oil as a perfume...making a fichu and placing a few drops on it. The part that ended up touching the skin burnt a layer of skin off. Not comfortable or attractive! I found out later that orange is supposed to be one of the most caustic on the skin.